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HGV, LGV, PCV Driver Training in Bristol and the South West.
Western Driver Training, the route to a HGV, LGV, PCV licence pass and more.

CPC Driver Courses

Anyone who drives an LGV, HGV vehicle or a PCV vehicle for a living requires a CPC Driver Qualification Card (DQCPC).

At Western Driver Training we provide CPC Driver Training Courses in Bristol and the South West

Driver CPC Courses

Driver CPC Courses.

Providing CPC Driver training to attain a CPC Driver Qualification Card. We offer training for both the Initial CPC Qualification and the Periodic CPC Driver Qualification.

HGV, LGV, Van & Trailer Courses

HGV, LGV, Van & Trailer Courses.

HGV, LGV Rigid & Articulated Vehicles, Cat C, Cat C1, Cat C + E Courses. Refresher Courses. Van & Trailer Courses.

Driver Assessment

Helping new trainees to decide which training is most appropriate for them. The cost is refundable if you book a training course with Western Driver Training.

CPC Driver Training, CPC Courses in Bristol and the South West.

Western Driver Training is a Driver CPC Approved Centre

CPC Driver Training, CPC Courses in Bristol and the South West

HGV, LGV, PCV driver training in Bristol and the South West area

Driver CPC training has been introduced through European law and it has an impact on anyone who drives for a living. It has been recognised that professional drivers need to have continual training to maintain high driving standards and improve road safety. CPC Driver training also keeps professional drivers up to date with changes in transport law. Training on a periodic basis also keeps drivers informed of new technology and helps meet the challenges which face them every day on UK and European roads.

Western Driver Training can offer you a range of courses to meet these requirements. Our aim is to keep you legal and also build on your skills which in turn will keep you safe and knowledgeable in your role as a professional HGV, LGV, PCV driver.

There are two types of Driver CPC training and qualification that apply to HGV, LGV, PCV drivers. Which one applies to you?

Initial CPC Qualification.

Initial CPC qualification allows all new HGV, LGV, PCV drivers to be able to earn a living as a professional driver. This involves a computer based theory test (module 2 case studies) and after that a practical ”demonstration” test taken at the driving test centre, the practical (module 4) test. Once both parts are completed you will have a 5 year CPC qualification from the date you passed. If you passed your HGV, LGV driving test after September 10th 2009 then you must pass an Initial CPC qualification test to be road legal. If you have not done so, then phone us on 01179 822822 and we will arrange the training and tests for you.

Periodic CPC Driver Qualification.

This is for drivers that passed their HGV, LGV, PCV driving test before September 10th 2009 for LGV drivers or September 10th 2008 for PCV drivers. If you fall into this category then time is running out. You must complete 35 hours of CPC training before 9th September 2013 for PCV licence holders and 9th September 2014 for HGV / LGV licence holders to continue being road legal in your role as a professional driver.

Phone 01179 822822.